Pirate bust sculpt - wip II

New step with my 1/12e pirate bust...after my first attempt and too tight bust volumes, here is the second version ... more muscular and more balanced. Now i'm quite happy with the overall volumes. Still some effort, retouches, details and I would arrive at the end...soon i hope! In any case, a lot of fun throughout this work with which I learn a lot. Thank for all your encouragement and constructive advices on facebook ... you are at the top!





Pirate bust sculpt - wip I

Today it's time for a little unpretentious thing...the start of a new sculpture project with this pirate face at something around 1/12 scale...a good exercise to progress on the difficult path of sculpture...I hope to be able to finish it without problems! 



Hope you'll like it! Cheers!


Kobold Blacksmith Miniatures

And finaly One more step in the world of Jean-Baptiste Monge with the coloring of the kobold sculpted by Patrick Masson. I had a lot of fun to paint this character that looks seemingly simple and easy to paint...but it was more difficult than expected to catch the atmosphere of the illustration. It was a great pleasure to paint something sculpted by the talented Patrick Masson...because it's been a long time i admired his works. This piece will not be the last of the series...a big bulldog and his leprechaun pet just landed on my workspace...

For last minute purchases...the Blacksmith Miniatures kikstarter is here:  "The world of  Jean-Baptiste Monge"


54mm figure
Sculpt by: Patrick Masson

And finaly a picture of the original illustration done by Jean-Baptiste Monge. You can find the whole of his work on his personal site: www.jbmonge.com

Have a nice day!


Keykeeper and Red Cap - Blacksmith Miniatures

Matthieu already said some words about the Kickstarter campaign and about Jean-Baptiste Monge, and about our happiness to take part in the project. I cant say it better than him so i wont try.

It wouldnt be an easy task to paint these boxarts, for two reasons. First i have a lot of respect for the artist's work and also for the sculptors who created the 3D versions, Valentin and Patrick. Not exactly the right time to disappoint them, no? 
Second and as Matthieu started painting his models before me, i had to paint something close, in the style but also in the color choices. My blog partner is one of the painters i admire the most since i took the brushes for the first time. Having to be as close as possible with his work would be a difficult challenge. 

We took some time to share the colors he used, the choice of bases, and we were started! First with the Keykeeper...

... and second the Red Cap.

And finaly pictures of the original illustrations done by Jean-Baptiste Monge. You can find the whole of his work on his personal site: www.jbmonge.com

Cheers! ;)

St-Paddy's day Blacksmith Miniatures

Today i'm very happy to show you my last paintjob...a special work for me which is part of a project launched by Blacksmith Miniatures based on the world of the artist Jean-Baptiste Monge. It was special because i admire his work of illustration for many years. His work is full of poetry, halfway between fantasy and our world...difficult not to believe in the existence of these characters by watching Jean-Baptiste Monge's realisation. Moreover, the miniatures were carved by talented sculptors, Valentin Zak and Patrick Masson...probably among the best of the moment.

It was very pleasant for me to try to adapt in 3D painting the colors work of J-B Monge...a great but difficult exercice because the painting of miniatures rests on the contrast to accentuate the volumes...contrats which are not very present in the original illustrations. I hope that the artist will find a little part of his universe in my modest realization.

"St-Paddy's day"

54mm figure
Sculpt by: Valentin Zak


Do not hesitate any longer to participate in this kickstarter launched by Blacksmith Miniatures in collaboration with J-B Monge...the miniatures are simply outstanding!  The Blacksmith Miniatures kikstarter is here:  "The world of  Jean-Baptiste Monge"

I kept the best for the end...the original illustration done by Jean-Baptiste Monge. You can find the whole of his work on his personal site: www.jbmonge.com



The world of Jean-Baptiste Monge Kickstarter

The "World of Jean-Baptiste Monge" kickstarter campaign is now on the road with a lot of great miniatures in 54mm sculpted by Valentin Zak and Patrick Masson! Cows & Chocolates took part of this project with some paintjob you will discovered in a near future...

Go have a look and support this amazing project based on the work of a particulary talented illustrator...Jean-Baptiste Monge!

Blacksmith Miniatures- Upcoming kickstarter

Blacksmith Miniatures will launch a kickstarter on March 15th to release a whole range of miniatures based on the fabulous work of J-B Monge. The figures that will be presented have been sculpted by the talented Valentin Zak and Patrick Masson...for sure something that you should not miss! Martin and me are pleased to take part at this beautiful project ... more informations soon!